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how to slice 3d .fig file?

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kian tavakoli
kian tavakoli am 12 Jan. 2023
Kommentiert: kian tavakoli am 15 Jan. 2023
I try to slice the .Fig file and i try different metod but its not work. is it any suggestion to slice the Fig file(file format is *.FIG).
I have 3d image that saveas .Fig format in matlab and i like to slice it to 2d image from Z-axis. i find this link that expain it, but i couldn't add the Fig image to this code:
i want to slice my 3d image like this:
the properties of file is:
Alphamap: [0 0.0159 0.0317 0.0476 0.0635 0.0794 0.0952 0.1111 0.1270 0.1429 ]
BeingDeleted: off
BusyAction: 'queue'
ButtonDownFcn: ''
Children: [2×1 Graphics]
Clipping: on
CloseRequestFcn: 'closereq'
Color: [1 1 1]
Colormap: [128×3 double]
ContextMenu: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder]
CreateFcn: ''
CurrentAxes: [1×1 Axes]
CurrentCharacter: ''
CurrentObject: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder]
CurrentPoint: [0 0]
DeleteFcn: ''
DockControls: on
FileName: 'C:\Users\x\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIa7420.7066\dispz.fig'
GraphicsSmoothing: on
HandleVisibility: 'on'
Icon: ''
InnerPosition: [648 289 624 468.8000]
IntegerHandle: on
Interruptible: on
InvertHardcopy: on
KeyPressFcn: ''
KeyReleaseFcn: ''
MenuBar: 'figure'
Name: ''
NextPlot: 'add'
Number: 4
NumberTitle: on
OuterPosition: [641 282.2000 638.4000 558.0000]
PaperOrientation: 'portrait'
PaperPosition: [1.0000 3.0583 6.5000 4.8833]
PaperPositionMode: 'auto'
PaperSize: [8.5000 11]
PaperType: 'usletter'
PaperUnits: 'inches'
Parent: [1×1 Root]
Pointer: 'arrow'
PointerShapeCData: [32×32 double]
PointerShapeHotSpot: [16 16]
Position: [648 289 624 468.8000]
Renderer: 'opengl'
RendererMode: 'auto'
Resize: on
Scrollable: off
SelectionType: 'normal'
SizeChangedFcn: ''
Tag: ''
ToolBar: 'auto'
Type: 'figure'
Units: 'pixels'
UserData: []
Visible: on
WindowButtonDownFcn: ''
WindowButtonMotionFcn: ''
WindowButtonUpFcn: ''
WindowKeyPressFcn: ''
WindowKeyReleaseFcn: ''
WindowScrollWheelFcn: ''
WindowState: 'normal'
WindowStyle: 'normal'
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KSSV am 12 Jan. 2023
What do you mean by slicing a .fig?
kian tavakoli
kian tavakoli am 12 Jan. 2023
I edit my question KSSV, and explain it.if you have any suggestion,i will happy to hear it.

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Antworten (1)

Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
If I understand correctly, what you want is a slice of your 3D data, and add that to your figure (say one surface with one slice of data). I think that by the time you have the *.fig is a bit late to slice. Pressumably your 3D fig is coming from a 3D Matrix and then you used a visualisation, like isosurface, isocaps, etc. You will need the original data from which the fig was generated to be able to slice anything from it.


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