Hi Everyone. Ive created a set of questions for user to select the material characteristics based on their preferences and need help to choose best results best on their ans

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Below is the coding. i want to show user which material between is the best based on average answer. Kindly need your help.
x=input('enter required strength /10 =');
if x>0 && x<=5
save ('AS')
save ('AA')
elseif x>5 && x<=8
save ('PL')
elseif x>8 && x<=10
save ('PC')
t=input('choose hardness 75/80/90/100 =');
if t==75
elseif t==80
elseif t==90
elseif t==100
reply=input('enter expected finishing low-med-high : ','s');
if strcmp(reply,'low')
elseif strcmp(reply,'med')
save('PC and PL')
elseif strcmp(reply,'high')
Muhammad Ammar Fiqri Bin Johari Johari
Understand that. I can say it can come as a point system. For example out of 3 questions answered by user, if 2 out of 3 of the answer selected is PL and 1 is AS , thus the final result will show that best material is PL and user will see the answers from the final result. If i may ask, what type of code that i can identify for each branch that can support such arrangement? Appreciate your help.

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Accepted Answer

Karim on 30 Dec 2022
Hi, see below for some possibilities on how to code such selection.
% material options
Materials = ["AS";"AA";"PL";"PC"];
Strength = zeros(numel(Materials),1);
Hardness = zeros(numel(Materials),1);
Finishing = zeros(numel(Materials),1);
SelectionTable = table(Materials,Strength,Hardness,Finishing);
% get user input
% Strength = input('enter required strength /10 =');
% Hardness = input('choose hardness 75/80/90/100 =');
% Finishing = input('enter expected finishing low-med-high : ','s');
% user inputs is not possible online, hence pick some random results:
Strength = 4;
Hardness = 80;
Finishing = 'med';
% logic for the strength
if Strength>0 && Strength<=5
SelectionTable.Strength([1,2]) = 1;
elseif Strength>5 && x<=Strength
SelectionTable.Strength(3) = 1;
elseif Strength>8 && Strength<=10
SelectionTable.Strength(4) = 1;
switch Hardness
case 75; SelectionTable.Hardness(3) = 1;
case 80; SelectionTable.Hardness(4) = 1;
case 90; SelectionTable.Hardness(2) = 1;
case 100; SelectionTable.Hardness(1) = 1;
switch lower(Finishing)
case 'low'; SelectionTable.Finishing(1) = 1;
case 'med'; SelectionTable.Finishing([3,4]) = 1;
case 'high'; SelectionTable.Finishing(2) = 1;
% print the final selection table, this gives an overview of the material
% possibilities based on the user choises and the selection logic
SelectionTable = 4×4 table
Materials Strength Hardness Finishing _________ ________ ________ _________ "AS" 1 0 0 "AA" 1 0 0 "PL" 0 0 1 "PC" 0 1 1
% to make a suggestion, we could pick the material that has the most 1's:
Suggestion = sum(SelectionTable{:,2:end},2)
Suggestion = 4×1
1 1 1 2
[~,materialIdx] = max(Suggestion)
materialIdx = 4
fprintf('Based on the user inputs, the recommended material is %s \n',SelectionTable{materialIdx,1})
Based on the user inputs, the recommended material is PC

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