rotate the coordinates plotted with plot3 without changing the axes

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Hi. I need to rotate the plotted curves (3D figure on the left) by 180° as shown in the figure on the right. Is there any efficient method?
Attached is the code.

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Karim on 20 Dec 2022
Hi, in the code below I added some comments to demonstrate how you can rotate the curve.
imageArray = imread("fig_A.png");
binaryImage = imageArray;
binaryImage = ~binaryImage;
M1 = function_verification_code(binaryImage);
z = 100;
current_z = z * ones(size(M1, 1), 1);
plot3(M1(:, 2), M1(:, 1), current_z, 'b.')
grid on
view([15 50 30])
title("Original Curve - Figure A")
% adjust the x and x vectors before we apply the rotation
M_rot = M1(:,[2 1]);
% find the mean of the curve in the x-y axis, we will use this point as rotation center
P0 = mean(M_rot,1);
% shift grid to the center for the rotation
M_rot = M_rot - repmat(P0,size(M1, 1),1);
% set up the rotation matrix about the z-axis
Rot = @(x) [cosd(x) -sind(x); sind(x) cosd(x)];
% rotate the shifted grid with 180 degrees
M_rot = (Rot(180) * M_rot')';
% shift the curve back to its own centroid
M_rot = M_rot + repmat(P0,size(M1, 1),1);
current_z = z * ones(size(M_rot, 1), 1);
plot3(M_rot(:,1), M_rot(:,2), current_z, 'b.')
grid on
view([15 50 30])
title("Rotated Curve - Figure A")
Alberto Acri
Alberto Acri on 20 Dec 2022
I thank you both.
I modified that line as:
P0 = [A/2, B/2]; % where A and B are the size of the image on x and on y.
I will also keep an eye on your solution @Star Strider in case I need it in the future.

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