how to plot 3D figure like this?

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Dear friends,
How to plot 3D figure like this considering square wave =sin(x)+1/3sin(3x)+1/5sin(5x)+...
Your help would be highly appreciated.
Best regards

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 30 Nov 2022
Try something like this —
Fs = 250;
L = 100;
f = 1.26;
t = linspace(0, L-1, L)/Fs;
s = sin([0 (1:2:20)].'*2*pi*t*f)./[1 (1:2:20)].';
ssm = sum(s);
plot(t, s, t, ssm)
hr = ribbon(t,[ssm; s].', 0.1);
Another option is plot3. The waterfall plot would likely not work well here.
I leave the details (and any other improvements) to you.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 30 Nov 2022
My pleasure!
It seems the plots has some width. How to plot them looks like lines?
The third argument to ribbon is ribbon width. Reduce it to whatever value you need to to get the result you want.
By the way, what is meaning of .' in hr = ribbon(t,[ssm; s].', 0.1)?
It does a simple transpose, .' of the matrix. (A complex conjugate transpose is ctranspose, and uses a single quote(') as its operator).

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