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How to add link from line to a Goto block using command

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Varun Nayyar
Varun Nayyar am 28 Nov. 2022
Bearbeitet: madhan ravi am 7 Mär. 2024
I have a model named (generic_cond)
I added a goto block like below:
temp = add_block('simulink/Signal Routing/Goto','generic_cond/LOAD1_LEVEL', 'GotoTag', 'LOAD1_LEVEL')
There is a signal line (LOAD1_LEVEL) which connects two blocks in my model. How do i add line to the new Goto block using command
Something like this does not work: add_line('generic_cond',LOAD1_LEVEL, temp);

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P am 1 Dez. 2022
Bearbeitet: madhan ravi am 7 Mär. 2024
Hi Varun Nayyar,
I understand you are trying to add a signal line between two blocks, to Goto block programmatically.
The signal line can be connected to Goto block using ‘add_line’ function by specifying the port number of the desired blocks.
In this case to connect the signal line, the port number of the block from which the signal is originating can be used along with the port number of the Goto block.
For example, let Constant and Scope be the two blocks between which the LOAD1_LEVEL signal runs which you want to connect to Goto block:
For more information, refer to the documentation link:
I hope this information helps you.

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