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rosinit error in 2022b on Linux

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am 26 Nov. 2022
I just installed the ROS toolbox in Matlab2022b in Ubuntu18.04, and type rosinit in the command window.
But it shows that:
Launching ROS Core...
Path to Python Executable is not set. Set the path to the Python executable using ROS Toolbox preferences.
Then I choose python3.9 in ROS Toolbox preferences.
But it told me that:
Invalid Python Version 3.9.15.Supported Python Version is 3.9.x.
Could anyone help me on figuring out this issue?
Thank you so much

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Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla am 28 Nov. 2022
The error is confusing and our team is working to fix this issue. Can you please install 3.9.13 and try it? It will work.
Jagadeesh K
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am 12 Dez. 2022
I just reinstalled python, but it seems useless. And I can't check out what's wrong. It's so weirdly.
Karthik Reddy Vennapureddy
Karthik Reddy Vennapureddy am 12 Dez. 2022
Hi Jestzer,
Could you please provide the command you executed to install python? Regarding the above error:
ModuleNotFoundError: no module named '_ctypes'. Looks like libff-dev is not installed in your pc. Could you install libffi-dev using this command : sudo apt-get install libffi-dev
After installing libffi-dev, try rerunning 'ros.internal.createOrGetLocalPython(true)' and see if it works fine.
Karthik Reddy

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