Display Block shows truncated data

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Gajana Walter
Gajana Walter on 25 Nov 2022
Answered: Paul on 25 Nov 2022
Hey everyone,
in my Simulink model i use Display Block to display a 3x11 matrix. However, the block only shows me a 3x10 (so the last column isnt displayed) matrix with the error warning
''Block shows truncated signal data. The Display block can show up to 200 elements of vector or matrix signals''
How do i fix it?
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Paul on 25 Nov 2022
Hi Gajana,
The warning is not telling the full story and may actually be incorrect. Fron the Display block doc page:
"The Display block shows the first 200 elements of a vector signal and the first 20 rows and 10 columns of a matrix signal."
From a bit of testing, it looks like the row and column contraints for a matrix signal are enforced independently, as opposed to allowing any number of rows and columns as long as the prodcut is less than 200.




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