How to find cumulative distribution function from a given data set(vector)

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clear all
rng('default') % For reproducibility
y = evrnd(0,3,100,1);
In this "cdfplot "directly plots the cdf graph, that too is repeats the each number then finds cdf.
But I want the cdf vector.
Can someone help me please?

Accepted Answer

Paul on 24 Nov 2022
Hi Shankul,
I'm not sure what "I want the cdf vector" means. If that means the data that forms the cdf plot on the graph, then the data can be obtained from the XData and YData properties of a:
rng('default') % For reproducibility
y = evrnd(0,3,100,1);
If that's not what you want, can the Question be clarified?

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