Is there a zpk block in simscape?

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Frank on 19 Nov 2022
Commented: Frank on 22 Nov 2022
Is there a zpk block in simscape (like the Transfer fcn block)? Would be useful since it is more general than the Transfer fcn.

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Paul on 19 Nov 2022
Zero-pole-gain block in Simulink, don't know if there is a specialized or alternate version in Simscape.
Frank on 22 Nov 2022
Probably you are right. Using the Descriptor State Space block gives an error message:
Error using linearize (line 355)
A system of differential-algebraic equations with a high index was detected in block 'simple_circuit_demo/Descriptor State-Space3'. Simulink does not support such system.
I will try to understand and use your second approach (once I find the time...). Thanks a lot!

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