Why the editor of the mask initialization code is disabled

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I am playing with a really simple masked subsystem, and I want to add some code to initiatize the masked block.
But, it seems that code editor is disabled, and I cannot add any code:
I would like to add some code within the function "initialization".
Is there something I have to do to enable it? Or am I missing something?
Thanks for your help!
Daniel Francisco
Daniel Francisco on 2 Dec 2022
Hi, same problem here.
Furthermore, I sended my .slx file to my Windows PC (also running Matlab2022b) and I could write in the mask window. I don't know how to solve it.

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Answers (1)

Bhavana Ravirala
Bhavana Ravirala on 18 Nov 2022
You are not required to enable anything to add code to the “initialization” function.
Also, Could you share the errors or warnings that you are getting when you try to add code to the “initialization” function.
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Lorenzo on 18 Nov 2022
Thanks Bhavan Ravirala for the reply.
No errors. I am just not allowed to add code in the editor, as if it is not enabled.
I am running Matlab2022b on Ubuntu 22.04.

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