What is the difference between fitglm and fitclinear?

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Mandeep am 14 Nov. 2022
Beantwortet: Krishna am 18 Nov. 2022
I am creating a logistic regression model on MATLAB which will be a binary classifier (outcome is the label 'good' or 'bad'). I have found what appears to be two functions which can fit a logistic model:
  1. fitglm()
  2. fitclinear()
Can someone please help me understand the difference? So far I have been using fitclinear and enjoying it.

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Krishna am 18 Nov. 2022
fitclinear trains linear classification models for two-class (binary) learning with high-dimensional, full or sparse predictor data.
For reduced computation time on a high-dimensional data set that includes many predictor variables, you can train a linear classification model by using fitclinear. However, for low- through medium-dimensional predictor data sets, see Alternatives for Lower-Dimensional Data.
You can follow the above chart to get an understanding of how fitglm is used for Logistic regression without regularization.


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