Simscape slower than Specialised Technology in Accelerator mode

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I am ruing the same model: a three-phase source and diode rectifier and measuring the same signals. It seems that the Simscape model is slower than the Specialised Technology when running in Accelerator mode.
The test code is
Tstop = 2;
Power.Ts = 1e-6;
Files are in the attachment (R2018a).
Results are
Initial run (empty workspace):
  • Elapsed time is 8.078532 seconds.
  • Elapsed time is 5.754597 seconds.
Second run:
  • Elapsed time is 5.905777 seconds.
  • Elapsed time is 4.282237 seconds.
3rd run:
  • Elapsed time is 5.629353 seconds.
  • Elapsed time is 4.345153 seconds.
Is is possible to speed-up the Simscape model?
I plan to expand the model and add dc/dc and dc/ac converters, filters, switches, etc and now even with the passive elements, the Simscape is >30% slower

Answers (1)

Sabin on 30 Jan 2023 at 12:02
First of all the Specialized Technology model is in discrete-time and the Simscape model in continuous-time. Simulation speed in R2022b is similar when using Local solver Partitioning in the Simscape model.
More about how the partitining solver works:




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