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Adding dlarray support / differentiability to custom functions

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Damien T
Damien T am 29 Okt. 2022
I am training deep neural networks with custom training loops, by defining a model/network as a function passed to dlfeval(). The model uses functions that do not currently have dlarray support. Therefore I cannot backprop into them to compute gradients for optimization (for example, matrix determinant and inverses).
The only way I have found to add support for these functions is to wrap them in a custom layer (nnet.layer.Layer) with a custom backward() function. However I can only use this custom layer after embedding it within a layerGraph and dlnetwork, together with input and output layers. This seems very cumbersome. Is there a straightforward option?
This may be a feature request: please let us define new functions with dlarray support. The official list is growing slowly ( but the community could very quickly expand it.

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Shivansh am 23 Okt. 2023
Hi Damien,
I understand that you are using some functions in your deep neural network model, and they are not supported currently by dlarray.
I did try to reproduce it at my end and wrapping of functions in a custom layer with a custom backward function() looks like the only possible way. It seems like a valid feature request.
I expect that MathWorks is informed about the issue and will develop custom functions support for dlarray in the future releases.
Hope it helps!
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Miguel Rivas Costa
Miguel Rivas Costa am 24 Jan. 2024
Hi, maybe a bit late but. I would like to know how to wrap the functions which are not currently supported by dlarrays in a custom layer. That custom layer should be at the end of the Network?

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