Can I connect Simulink Version 2022a to a Non-Speedgoat Target Machine?

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I have build a simulink model in MATLAB version 2022a and am looking to make it into a real-time application to run on a target computer for testing. I see in the explorer window in simulink real time that there is an option to select or set up a target computer but I am wondering if it is possible to connect to a National Instruments target such as a PXIe-1082 with a PXIe-8135 controller, instead of a SpeedGoat machine.
Thanks for your answers.

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV am 27 Okt. 2022
Hi Kyle,
I'm afraid that's not possible: only Speedgoat target machines are supported by Simulink Real-Time since R2018a.
Kind regards,

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