Are GAMs supported by statistics toolbox?

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Are GAMs (Generalized Additive Models) supported by Matlab statistics toolbox? I could only find the BGAM package but as I understand it is not part of an official toolbox. thanks

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Anusha B
Anusha B on 17 Mar 2015
Hi Dimitrios,
Generalised Additive Models are currently not supported in Statistics Toolbox. I guess you are referring to this link on BGAM package:
Yes, this is not part of the Statistics Toolbox.
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Dimitrios Petousis
Dimitrios Petousis on 17 Mar 2015
thanks. Is there GAM support by any other MATLAB toolbox?

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Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm on 9 Apr 2021
With the recent R2021a release, support for GAM has been added to the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox. See GAM for classification, and a similar page exists for applying GAM to regression.

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