How can I give the range of membership functions in fuzzy based PI control technique?

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The project is in shunt active power filter by using fuzzy logic controller. How to decide the the range of membership functions in the fuzzy based Pi controller? source voltage=100v, 50 hz DC ref voltage=220v Load = diode rectifier Filter resistance = 0.1 ohm Filter inductance = 0.66mH Source impedance = 0.1 ohm, 0.15mH Fuzzy controller is used to regulate the dc capacitor in the filter.
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Puspanjali dash
Puspanjali dash on 24 Mar 2015
Hello lincy
Can u please give the fuzzy logic simulink model for SAPF same as your project. Or else please give me FIS file program for this project.

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 17 Mar 2015
Hi Lincy, there is not a straight answer. It all depends on your system. What are the limits of your actuators? Any limitations on your network? With the information given by you, it is not possible to set any range other than randomly.


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