Why do I receive "Index exceeds the number of array elements. Index must not exceed 7." when trying to remove indices that are followed directly by a zero using a for loop.

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here's the function I am trying to use
function removed = removeData(vec)
vec1 = vec;
for x = 1:length(vec)
if vec(x+1) == 0
if vec(x)~=0
removed = vec1;
and heres the code I am trying to test it on
ans1 = removeData([2 3 0 0 7 8 0])
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Torsten am 31 Okt. 2022
Bearbeitet: Torsten am 31 Okt. 2022
Maybe you should first explain what "removeData" is supposed to do with "vec".
From your code, it should remove the nonzero number preceeding a sequence of zeros, but I'm not sure if this is really what you want to achieve.

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Jon am 21 Okt. 2022
Your loop variable x goes from 1 to the length of the vector.
In line 4 you try to assign vec(x+1), on the last iteration x = length of the vector so vec(x+1) is one element beyond the last element in the vector.
By the way it is more conventional style to use i,j,k,l,m for integer indices, x is usually used for real values, e.g 4.3216


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