How to have Logging in Matlab

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I need information on how to logg in MATLAB
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Rik on 13 Oct 2022
What exactly do you want to log? That is an important question to figure out first. Perhaps you need something as large as diary, but perhaps a few fprintf calls would do it as well.

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Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 13 Oct 2022
Perhaps the diary command will do what you need.
An excerpt from the documentation linked above:
When logging is on, MATLAB® captures entered commands, keyboard input, and text output from the Command Window. It saves the resulting log to the current folder as a UTF-8 encoded text file named diary.
Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 17 Oct 2022
You are quite welcome.

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Hanojhan Rajahrajasingh
Hanojhan Rajahrajasingh on 13 Oct 2022
Appologies for my previous response.
Can you be more specific about your project?
Here is an example of data logging in MATLAB:


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