imfreehand() closes the curve in the image but does not save those "closing" points

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I want to freely draw a segment in an image and thats why im using:
H = imfreehand('Closed',1)
p = wait(H)
This closes the curve that im drawing (visually) but when I plot the points from p the points of the closing part of the curve are missing. Here´s an example:
The marked region of the curve is the one that it has been "closed" automatically:
But then when plotting those points saved in p, i have them missing (is the same segment but rotated):
Does anyone knows how to get those missing points from the segment?

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Matt J
Matt J am 1 Okt. 2022
Copy the first point and append it to the end of the list

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Matt J
Matt J am 1 Okt. 2022
Use thte points to contruct a polyshape object,


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