How to put bounds and delete certain rows from a matrix.

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No if/for/while statements

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Sep 2022
In MATLAB, if you use logical indexing to delete entries from an array, then the result you get is a column vector in linear indexing order.
If you are certain that the number of entries retained for each column is the same, then you can reshape() it according to the number of rows expected to remain.
For example,
10 52
20 62
30 72
40 82
then the in memory order of that would be [10 20 30 40 52 62 72 82] . Suppose we use logical indexing to delete the 30 and the 62, then the resulting in memory order of elements would be [10 20 40 52 72 82] . Reshape that to 3 rows and you would get
10 52
20 72
40 82
which would be the desired result.


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