Retrieve data from a guidata from another file

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I have a counter that increment each time i click on a pushbutton and the value is stored in a guidata which works it gives me the wanted value. (The function that increments is in the same file as the gui)
But i want to get the value form the guidata in another file as a condifition for a if but i always return me this error :
Undefined variable "handles" or class "handles.X".
Error in kgexec4n (line 67)
if get(guidata(hf,handles.X),'Value')==1
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback
and here is the gui code with the function and the pushbutton
function h0=kgui4n
%KGUI4N construction de la boite de dialogue pour KGEXEC4N
%CAVIAR2, © ALSTOM + OL 1999/12-2003/03
blanc=[1 1 1];
'Position',[100 30 110 25],...
%% Pushbutton
handles.X = 0;
handles.button = uicontrol(h0,...
'Position',[10 0.5 9 2],...
guidata(h0, handles);
function buttonCB(ButtonH, EventData)
handles = guidata(ButtonH);
handles.X = handles.X + 1;
if handles.X > 3
handles.X = 0
guidata(ButtonH, handles)
I would like to know how i could get the value of handles.X which is stored in the guidata and use it in another file ?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Sep 2022
handles_hf = guidata(hf);
if handles_hf.X.Value == 1

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