Interface an arduino with MATLAB

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deboshree roy
deboshree roy am 3 Mär. 2015
Beantwortet: Michelle Hirsch am 4 Mär. 2015
I would like to interface MATLAB with arduino uno R3. I downloaded the Arduino IDE and is working fine. I am able to control the arduino board with the ARduino IDE software. However, with the Matlab software, I am not able to install the arduino support packages. The support packages was downloadd from -
The error meassage is shown in the figure-
The following are for your kind information- MATLAB Version: (R2013b); MATLAB License Number: 167856; Operating System: Linux 3.18.5-101.fc20.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Feb 2 20:58:23 UTC 2015 x86_64;

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Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch am 4 Mär. 2015
It mentions on the bottom of that page that the hardware support package is only for R2014a and newer. It provides a separate link to download support from the File Exchange:

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