hyperspectral pre processing (white reference, dark current)

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Alexai am 24 Sep. 2022
Beantwortet: Mandar am 17 Okt. 2022
I have white reference & dark current data.
I want to apply this data to analyze hypercube imaging.
It is my current code.
hcube = hypercube('sample raw');
Unrecognized function or variable 'hypercube'.
endmembers = fippi(hcube,10);
newhcube = selectBands(hcube,endmembers,'NumberOfBands',20);
ragne = [min(hcube.Wavelength) max(hcube.Wavelength)];
wlrange = [500 600; 1000 1600];
newhcube = removeBands(hcube,'Wavelength', wlrange);
coloredImg = colorize(newhcube); % or coloredImg = colorize(hcube);
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Alexai am 24 Sep. 2022
How can I edit my code?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 24 Sep. 2022
In the code editor in MATLAB:
You might want to download the hyperspectral add-on from the Add-ons button on the Home tab of the tool ribbon.

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Mandar am 17 Okt. 2022
I understand that you want make use of the ‘hypercube’ function in the MATLAB.
As a workaround, you may need to install the Image Processing Toolbox Hyperspectral Imaging Library toolbox for accessing the functionalities.
You can download and install the toolbox by referring link below.

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