Percentile plot in SimBiology model analyzer

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Hello team,
How could I access to the percentile plot (shown as below with purple box) in simbiology model analyzer through code?
Is it a undocumented function?
Thank you very much.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 22 Sep 2022
Hi Jess,
this built-in plot is currently not available on the command line.
But I have attached my own implementation. Hopefully, you will find it useful.
Here is an example:
pkmd = PKModelDesign;
pkmd.addCompartment('Central', DosingType='Bolus', EliminationType='linear',...
HasResponseVariable=true, HasLag=false);
pkmd.addCompartment('Peripheral', DosingType='Bolus', EliminationType='',...
HasResponseVariable=true, HasLag=false);
model = pkmd.construct;
ka = sbioselect(model, 'Type','Parameter','Name','ka_Central');
ka.Value = 0.1;
cs = getconfigset(model);
cs.CompileOptions.UnitConversion = true;
dObj_Oral = adddose(model,'DailyDoseOral');
dObj_Oral.Amount = 0.1;
dObj_Oral.RepeatCount = 3;
dObj_Oral.TargetName = 'Dose_Central';
dObj_Oral.AmountUnits = 'milligram';
dObj_Oral.TimeUnits = 'hour';
dObj_Oral.Interval = 24;
dObj_Oral.StartTime = 0;
pd1 = makedist('Lognormal', mu=0.2, sigma=0.2);
pd2 = makedist('Normal', mu=2, sigma=0.5);
samples = SimBiology.Scenarios(["Q12", "ke_Central"], [pd1 pd2], Number=100, SamplingMethod='random');
observableNames = {'Drug_Central','Drug_Peripheral'};
timeEnd = 47; % hours
f = createSimFunction(model, samples, observableNames, dObj_Oral.TargetName);
data = f(samples, timeEnd, getTable(dObj_Oral));
grid on;
Best regards,
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Jesse Chao
Jesse Chao on 29 Sep 2022
Hello Jérémy,
Thank you for the excellent example.
In fact, I am interested in the percentile plot for plotting the observed data (orange).
Is there any way to create the percentile pot, which has a similar appearance to the percentile plot embedded in the Simbiology model analyzer?
Because my data has unequal n in different time points, I found that the percentile plot embedded in the Simbiology model analyzer gave me the best result I expected.
Could you please further show me some information or guidance?
Thank you very much.

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