Efficient submatrix product computation

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Aaron Pim
Aaron Pim am 20 Sep. 2022
Kommentiert: Aaron Pim am 20 Sep. 2022
I am considering the discrete Smoluchowski equations and I need efficiently compute a matrix product.
For , and a given I want to compute the product
I can easily do this by the following for loop
b = 0
for j = 1:ceil((i-1)/2)
b = b + K(j,i-j)*y(j)*y(i-j);
However, I want to know if there is a more efficient way of computing this product in a single line or less.
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Chunru am 20 Sep. 2022
Have you tested that your above code works?

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Karim am 20 Sep. 2022
Bearbeitet: Karim am 20 Sep. 2022
Do note that a for loop can be very efficient. I'm not sure the single line methods will always be faster.
Below you can find one (of many) methods to reduce the number of lines in the code. I used the sub2ind command to get the data directy out of the matrix K.
% initialize data
N = 1000;
y = rand(N,1);
K = rand(N,N);
i = randi(N,1);
% test loop...
b1 = 0;
for j = 1:ceil((i-1)/2)
b1 = b1 + K(j,i-j)*y(j)*y(i-j);
Elapsed time is 0.006585 seconds.
b1 = 60.1868
% test single line
% first setup indices
j = (1:ceil((i-1)/2))';
% now compute the sum
b2 = sum( K(sub2ind(size(K),j,i-j)) .* y(j) .* y(i-j) );
Elapsed time is 0.006417 seconds.
b2 = 60.1868
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Aaron Pim
Aaron Pim am 20 Sep. 2022
This is perfect, thank you.

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