Join strings together with '_' between them

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Hello everybody,
I have a two vectors and I would like to join together with a and b below with some repetition.
The output I want is c1 as below. I made the characters before _ using repmat function.
and made the characters after _ using repelem function.
However, I failed to join them togerther with '_' between them.
Please give me some helps to join them togerther ?
clc; close all; clear;
a = {'A11';'A12';'A21';'A22';'A23';'A24'};
b = {'A300';'A5300';'A291';'A5291'};
c1 = [repmat(a,length(b),1) , '_' , repelem(b,length(a),1)];
% c1 = ['A11_A300';'A12_A300';'A21_A300';'A22_A300';'A23_A300';'A24_A300';...
% 'A11_A5300';'A12_A5300';'A21_A5300';'A22_A5300';'A23_A5300';'A24_A5300';...
% 'A11_A291';'A12_A291';'A21_A291';'A22_A291';'A23_A291';'A24_A291';...
% 'A11_A5291';'A12_A5291';'A21_A5291';'A22_A5291';'A23_A5291';'A24_A5291']

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 20 Sep 2022
a = {'A11';'A12';'A21';'A22';'A23';'A24'};
b = {'A300';'A5300';'A291';'A5291'};
a1 = repmat(a,length(b),1) ;
b1 = repelem(b,length(a),1);
m = repelem('_',length(a1),1) ;
ab = strcat(a1,m,b1)
ab = 24×1 cell array
{'A11_A300' } {'A12_A300' } {'A21_A300' } {'A22_A300' } {'A23_A300' } {'A24_A300' } {'A11_A5300'} {'A12_A5300'} {'A21_A5300'} {'A22_A5300'} {'A23_A5300'} {'A24_A5300'} {'A11_A291' } {'A12_A291' } {'A21_A291' } {'A22_A291' } {'A23_A291' } {'A24_A291' } {'A11_A5291'} {'A12_A5291'} {'A21_A5291'} {'A22_A5291'} {'A23_A5291'} {'A24_A5291'}
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Smithy on 21 Sep 2022
Wow... thank you very mcuh. I really really appreciate with it. It works perfect.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Sep 2022
Use the string append operator +.
a = {'A11';'A12';'A21';'A22';'A23';'A24'};
b = {'A300';'A5300';'A291';'A5291'};
C1 = a + "_" + b.'
C1 = 6×4 string array
"A11_A300" "A11_A5300" "A11_A291" "A11_A5291" "A12_A300" "A12_A5300" "A12_A291" "A12_A5291" "A21_A300" "A21_A5300" "A21_A291" "A21_A5291" "A22_A300" "A22_A5300" "A22_A291" "A22_A5291" "A23_A300" "A23_A5300" "A23_A291" "A23_A5291" "A24_A300" "A24_A5300" "A24_A291" "A24_A5291"
C2 = a.' + "_" + b
C2 = 4×6 string array
"A11_A300" "A12_A300" "A21_A300" "A22_A300" "A23_A300" "A24_A300" "A11_A5300" "A12_A5300" "A21_A5300" "A22_A5300" "A23_A5300" "A24_A5300" "A11_A291" "A12_A291" "A21_A291" "A22_A291" "A23_A291" "A24_A291" "A11_A5291" "A12_A5291" "A21_A5291" "A22_A5291" "A23_A5291" "A24_A5291"
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Smithy on 21 Sep 2022
Thank you very mcuh. It works really well.

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