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Create a nxn matrix with the same values

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AnnaMaria Accardo
AnnaMaria Accardo am 25 Feb. 2015
Hi all, Is there other methods to create an nxn matrix with the same values? I found a method which is
B(1:9, 1:9) = 3
that is perfect but, there is a different method?

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Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson am 25 Feb. 2015
B = 3*ones(9);
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AnnaMaria Accardo
AnnaMaria Accardo am 25 Feb. 2015
ah! So easy? Sorry. I'm too stupid...
Gangadhar Venkata Ramana
Gangadhar Venkata Ramana am 7 Aug. 2021
I have been trying to multiply a scalar value to 2D matix inside the batch parallel processing.
I am unable to scale the matrix with the scalar value. An error showing, matix dimensions must agree.
Kindly suggest a solution.
Thank you

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