Kindly help me solve this problem...

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Umair Ejaz
Umair Ejaz am 5 Sep. 2022
Kommentiert: Umair Ejaz am 8 Sep. 2022
summaryRegionCosts = groupsummary(stormData, 'Region',{"min","max","median","mean"} , 'Total_Cost');
stormDataPos = stormData.Total_Cost> 0 ;
summaryRegionPosCosts = groupsummary(stormData, 'Region', {"min","max","median","mean"},'stormDataPos');

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Sailesh Kalyanapu
Sailesh Kalyanapu am 8 Sep. 2022
As per my understanding you are trying to use 'groupsummary' function to create a table to show the min, max, median and mean total cost by region for the subset of data which has total cost greater than zero.
It seems that the input arguments are being passed incorrectly in the (line 4) of your solution
% This modification would solve the issue
summaryRegionPosCosts = groupsummary(stormDataPos, 'Region', {"min","max","median","mean"},'Total_Cost');
For more information on ‘groupsummary’, please refer to the below link to its documentation:




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