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Matlab compiled code RF toolbox read function works if called from compiled script but not a compiled function

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Josiah Bartlett
Josiah Bartlett on 20 Feb 2015
Answered: Jongbae Park on 30 Oct 2015
Matlab version: R2014b OS: Windows 7 64bit Addon toolbox: RF toolbox
I have some code I need to compile into standalone for use in a manufacturing environment. The code uses the read function out of the RF toolbox to read touchstone 1.0 files and process them. The code compiles and runs fine if the top level code that is compiled is a script. However, I need to pass variables from the command line, so I think I need the top level code to be a function. However, the code fails when run when the top level code is a function, giving the following error:
Error using rfdata.reference/set Invalid parameter/value pair arguments.
Error in (line 73)
The offending function looks like this:
function [S, f] = RF_ReadTouchstone( filename )
filedata=read(,char(filename)); [S,f]=extract(filedata,'S_parameters',50);
I have verified that the variables are propagating through the code properly. It seems like something strange the compiler is doing.

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Giorgia Zucchelli
Giorgia Zucchelli on 25 Feb 2015
Dear Josiah,
I built a very simple main function invoking the function RF_ReadTouchstone, and I managed to compile and execute it correctly.
function main(input)
[S,f] = RF_ReadTouchstone(input);
As I cannot reproduce your issue, I would recommend to directly contact MathWorks technical support.
With best regards,

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