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How to view saved matlab .fig file?

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Nicholas Kavouris
Nicholas Kavouris am 31 Aug. 2022
I have a program using the following code which procedurally saves .fig files to folders on my network drive?
figs_created = setdiff(figs_after, figs_before);
for j = 1 : length(figs_created)
savefile = fullfile(completed_filepath, baseFileName + " " + "Figure " + j + ".pdf");
saveas(figs_created(j), savefile);
matfile = fullfile(completed_filepath, baseFileName + " " + "Figure " + j + ".fig");
saveas(figs_created(j), matfile);
How to i open these figures once the program is completed?
I can see the figures saved in file explorer, but after double clicking or pressing 'open' nothing happens, how can i view these figures?

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Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B am 31 Aug. 2022
Use openfig
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Nicholas Kavouris
Nicholas Kavouris am 31 Aug. 2022
openfig("R:\MATLAB analysis\2. Completed\31-Aug-2022\24Aug2022-JX6-Emu-J1003-400\24Aug2022-JX6-Emu-J1003-400 Figure 1.fig")
ans =
Figure (17: Grill Status) with properties:
Number: 17
Name: 'Grill Status'
Color: [0.9400 0.9400 0.9400]
Position: [488 342 560 420]
Units: 'pixels'
no shown fig only properties

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