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Heatmap plot temperature vs time

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Laura Guarino
Laura Guarino am 28 Aug. 2022
Kommentiert: Walter Roberson am 28 Aug. 2022
I need to create a heatmap showing the temperature trend as a function of time acquired from ten sensors equally spaced. I have tried to plot it starting from a two columns matrix where the first one is a vector relevant to time while the second one is the corresponding temperature. I have tried with the following code:
However, it shows me this error message: The name 'time' is not an accessible property for an instance of class ''.
How can I fix it?
I should obtain something similar to this:
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 28 Aug. 2022
What shows up for

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Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B am 28 Aug. 2022
I know what is the issue. You have a timetable not a table and the first column related to time is not considered as variable . Solution: Convert to table
Demo below:
MeasurementTime = datetime({'2015-12-18 08:03:05';'2015-12-18 10:03:17';'2015-12-18 12:03:13'});
Temp = [37.3;39.1;42.3];
Pressure = [30.1;30.03;29.9];
WindSpeed = [13.4;6.5;7.3];
TT = timetable(MeasurementTime,Temp,Pressure,WindSpeed)
TT = 3×3 timetable
MeasurementTime Temp Pressure WindSpeed ____________________ ____ ________ _________ 18-Dec-2015 08:03:05 37.3 30.1 13.4 18-Dec-2015 10:03:17 39.1 30.03 6.5 18-Dec-2015 12:03:13 42.3 29.9 7.3
TT = timetable2table(TT) ;
heatmap(TT, "MeasurementTime", "Temp")
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Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B am 28 Aug. 2022
You are right.I did not read carefully the question. Need to edit or remove this answer. Thanks Walter.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 28 Aug. 2022
The error they received would be consistent with the possibility that they had previously done
tbl = heatmap(...)
and are now trying to do
heatmap(tbl, ...)

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