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MATLAB licenses required for "DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs"

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Maxim am 24 Aug. 2022
Kommentiert: Stefanie Schwarz am 17 Apr. 2023
In DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs Release Notes 21.3 they have mentioned one note:
Note: The DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs advanced blockset uses Simulink fixed-point types for all operations and requires licensed versions of Simulink Fixed Point. Intel also recommends the DSP System Toolbox and the Communications System Toolbox, which some design examples use.
Could you please some one explain this to me

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz am 17 Apr. 2023
It means that licenses for the following three MathWorks products are required in order to use DSP Builder:
  • Simulink
  • Fixed-Point Toolbox
In addition, the following toolboxes are recommended (depeding on your application):
  • DSP System Toolbox
  • Communications System Toolbox
Please contact your inhouse MATLAB license administrator or our Sales department for help:


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