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Christian Schröder
Christian Schröder on 17 Aug 2022
Good afternoon,
I'm often using LaTeX to annotate plots created in MATLAB, e.g. (this is obviously just a silly example)
plot(0:0.01:2*pi, sin(0:0.01:2*pi))
text(4, 0.8, '$X > 0$', 'Interpreter', 'latex')
This is fine --- until you need a symbol not provided by base (La)TeX but rather by a LaTeX package such as amssymb. For example,
text(4, 0.8, '$X \gtrless 0$', 'Interpreter', 'latex')
will not work and instead produce a warning ("String scalar or character vector must have valid interpreter syntax: $X \gtrless 0$").
Is there a way to use such symbols from within MATLAB? Alternately, is there some other way of producing the \gtrless symbol, specifically?
Thank you & keep the cheer,

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Kartikay Sapra
Kartikay Sapra on 23 Aug 2022
The following documentation shows the list of supported Greek symbols and special characters (along with corresponding syntax):
Setting the Interpreter property 'latex' allows additional formatting.
Specifically, for '>=' latex symbol in a MATLAB plot.
plot(0:0.01:2*pi, sin(0:0.01:2*pi))
text(4, 0.8, '$X \geq 0$', 'Interpreter', 'latex')
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Christian Schröder
Christian Schröder on 23 Aug 2022
Thanks for the link to the list of supported symbols, that's very helpful! Unfortunately \geq is not the one I'm looking for, however.

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