matlab coder report Size mismatch (size [0 x 0] ~= size [1 x 2])

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I tried to use matlab coder to convert my matlab file into C\C++ source file. In my *.m file,I defined a dynamic array:
coord_list = [];
I_list = [];
for i=1:n
coordinate = yy;
I = zz;
coord_list = [coord_list;coordinate];
I_list = [I_list;I]
The error occurs like:
??? Size mismatch (size [0 x 0] ~= size [1 x 2]).
The size to the left is the size of the left-hand side of the assignment.
How could I fix this bug? how should I modify my matlab code so that It meets the requirements of C\C++ style for matlab-coder?

Answers (2)

Raghu Boggavarapu
Raghu Boggavarapu on 25 Aug 2022
MATLAB Coder supports growing an array only by concatenation, growing an array by index is not supported. Please see:
If you wish to assign varying sized arrays to same variable, you can use coder.varize .
Also if you would like to optimize the MEX runtime, you can try disabling IntegrityChecks and ResponsivenessChecks in the MEX coder config.

Chunru on 15 Aug 2022
coord_list = zeros(n, m1); % m1 is the length of yy below
I_list = zeros(n, m2); % m2 is the lenght of zz
for i=1:n
coordinate = yy;
I = zz;
coord_list(i, :) = coordinate;
I_list(i, :) = I;
zhou caiwei
zhou caiwei on 18 Aug 2022
you are right, I think I should optimize my code.Is there any reference materials?

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