Why lost original file?

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Hla Hla
Hla Hla am 6 Aug. 2022
Beantwortet: yanqi liu am 9 Aug. 2022
I have trained trainnetwork. I save the workspace as a .mat file. When i called the load .mat file again, the data appear in my workspace. But program original file is lost. Why?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 6 Aug. 2022
That could happen if you accidentally save'd on top of your .m file. You should make sure to save to a .mat file.
dpb am 6 Aug. 2022
There's at least an outside chance there might be an autosave file copy of the m-file -- look for files whose extension is ".asv" in the location you saved the original m-file.
Check if the default preferences for autosave have been modified -- there's a secton on backup files under the Editor/Debugger section...

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Hla Hla
Hla Hla am 7 Aug. 2022

yanqi liu
yanqi liu am 9 Aug. 2022
yes, sir, if you save the net to mat file,may be use save file.mat variable, such as save the cnn_model
save a.mat cnn_model
then load a.mat can get cnn_model
if just use
save a.mat
it auto save all variable to mat, if use load to get them, we can use
load('a.mat', 'cnn_model')
to get the target

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