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Why isn't angle2dcm compatible with codegen?

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Martin Ryba
Martin Ryba am 3 Aug. 2022
Beantwortet: Ryan Livingston am 8 Aug. 2022
Was working up some beamforming code for code generation, and my initial stab at using angle2dcm for creating the DCMs (for rotating to the platform frame and then to the antenna frame) worked fine until I launched codegen. I substituted eul2rotm from the other toolbox to get something that runs, but that was annoying, and the inital ZXY rotations I used for the antenna aren't supported; hopefully the ZYX rotation that is supported is compatible with how my eventual mounting is defined. Is there a compelling reason as to why angle2dcm isn't supported by MATLAB Coder?

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston am 8 Aug. 2022
I don't have a compelling reason for this limitation. So I created an internal note with your request to support this in the future and forwarded it to the relevant development team to consider for the future.

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