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Split column in table

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Dion Theunissen
Dion Theunissen am 22 Jul. 2022
Bearbeitet: Ruger28 am 22 Jul. 2022
I have the folowing table:
I want to split column 7 in 1 column only letters, and 1 column only the numbers. Anyone who can help me?
So 2 new columns. Column 13 will be LH, column 14 will be 0989.

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Ruger28 am 22 Jul. 2022
Bearbeitet: Ruger28 am 22 Jul. 2022
This isn't the cleanest, but it works. I'm assuming that you always have some combination of 2 letters and then any amount of numbers after it.
TableNames = {'ID','Value'};
ID_Vals = [1;2];
Values = {'LH 1234';'QR1234'};
MyTable = table(ID_Vals,Values,'VariableNames',TableNames);
% Extract column and split it
ColVals = table2cell(MyTable(:,2));
SplitVals(:,1) = regexp(ColVals,'\w\w','match','once'); % look for 2 letters only
SplitVals(:,2) = regexp(ColVals,'\d+','match','once'); % look for a series of numbers only
% Add to table
MyTable.Letters = SplitVals(:,1); % place in table with the name Letters
MyTable.Numbers = SplitVals(:,2); % place in table with the name Numbers

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