Why do I get "There was an error downloading product files" with "Failed to download .enc, retry # 1" when installing MATLAB R2021b or later?

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Why do I get "There was an error downloading product files" with "Failed to download .enc, retry # 1" when installing MATLAB R2021b or later? For example:
Failed to download C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\a4a0-05cc-315d-7c88\3p\apriltag_win64_1621049007.enc, retry # 1
Failed to download /tmp/76f9-13ff-a1d9-d599/3p/hdfeos2_glnxa64_1652478071.enc, retry # 1
Failed to download /var/folders/6x/5ph4629x1pqcdk5b671f3n8w0000gn/T/5233-50d0-0a0b-efb8/fixedpointcore_resources_common_1668903353.enc, retry # 1

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 29 Aug. 2023
Bearbeitet: MathWorks Support Team am 25 Mai 2023
This issue could be caused by few different things:
  • Antivirus Software
  • VPN/Proxy Servers
  • Firewalls
  • Poor Network Connectivity
  • Previously Failed Installations

Antivirus Software, VPN/Proxy Servers, and Firewalls

This error can result from connection issues related to your antivirus software, or the use of a VPN server, proxy server, or firewall. To resolve such issues, see this article:

Poor Network Connectivity

This issue can occur when attempting to install MATLAB with a poor network connection. When the installer attempts to download files, a failure to download a file successfully shows as a "retry #" attempt. The installer makes several attempts to redownload each failed file, but if it is still unsuccessful, it displays an error.
To resolve this issue, check that your computer has a reliable Internet connection or switch to a more reliable network. If the installer is still unable to successfully connect, perform an offline installation. See this article:

Previously Failed Installations

If previous attempts to install MATLAB were unsuccessful, check that the folder you are trying to reinstall to is empty. installing to an empty folder allows for a full reinstallation of MATLAB and all its toolboxes. This process deletes any of these products currently installed.
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Dana am 23 Sep. 2022
Same problem. No issue with my internet connection at all for anything else. This is clearly an issue requiring a fix on Matlab's end.

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Keerti am 13 Mai 2023
There was an error while extracting product files. try rerunning the installer

jh am 16 Mai 2023
Guys I found a way.
During the additional toolbox installation choice page, do not tick the others just keep default choice (ie. install matlab), Then the installation should be success.
If you need the rest toolbox, install it manually afterwards.
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jh am 17 Mai 2023
Refer to the Link Below If you want to install the additional toolboxes.

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