Making a mex function for a rather complex code

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Hello friends,
I have a code which is very time consumming. Therefore, I thought to use mex function to do the heavy part of calculations using C or C++. I have difficulty to define input types properly as my code has some inputs which are rather complex, for instance one input is a function handle and the other one is a variable sized cell whose elements are function handles. The rest of inputs are easy.
To make things easier I thought to ask my question via a very simple code (attached as main.m) rather than mine (this code does nothing for me but if I understand how to tackle this code I am able to tackle my own code). In this code there is a subrutine called 'Cost' which is the 'heay part'. I would like to make a mex function for this subrutine to speed up the calculations. Please note that this code is not my real code and I just made it for the purpose of learning how to make a mex file out of this code (I know that this code does not solve any scientific problem).
I impatiently look forward to hearing from you soon,
Thanks in advance!
Mohammad Shojaei Arani
Mohammad Shojaei Arani on 5 Jul 2022
Edited: Jan on 5 Jul 2022
Hello Jan,
Thanks for your kind response and attention!
Well, if I wanted to post my actual problem that would be really big with lots of heavy math. So, I thought to make a very tiny and short problem which is not boring for you. I do not have any symbolic calculations inside my procedure but I do have function handles. You do not need to know the philosophy behind my code, my question should be extremely simple for highly experienced people that you really are. So, perhaps I can explain a bit further. In bellow, you see my code. My question is only related to the part being highlighted in bold (i.e., the function called Cost). I just want this part to be mexed and be done using C. To be more clear, I just need to know how to define type inputs in the matlab coder. For instance the input H is an anonymos function and I do not know how to define its type in matlab coder box. I If you teach me how to do this then I am done!
Thanks Jan, in advance!
syms x
H=sym('H',[J 1]);
for j=1:J
syms w
for j=1:J
for k=1:j+1
C=A.* w.^(0:j);C=C(2:end);
function cost=Cost(par,data,J,Coeff,H)
for j=1:J

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