Image compression channel not working

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Hi im working on a image compression code for matlab below is the code
clear all;
% Tx Rx Setup
enc = comm.RSEncoder;
mod = comm.DPSKModulator('BitInput',false);
chan = comm.AWGNChannel(...
'NoiseMethod','Signal to noise ratio (SNR)','SNR',10);
demod = comm.DPSKDemodulator('BitOutput',false);
hDdecec = comm.RSDecoder;
errorRate = comm.ErrorRate('ComputationDelay',3);
X = dctcompr ("Picturetest.jpg",19200,"OutputPicturetest.jpg")
%Reading and converting to digital data of image (working)
%channel(not working, incomplete from project specs)
encodedData = step(enc, IMAGEBIN(:,[1]));
modSignal = step(mod, encodedData);
receivedSignal = step(chan, modSignal);
demodSignal = step(demod, receivedSignal);
receivedSymbols = step(hDdecec, demodSignal);
errorStats = step(errorRate, data, receivedSymbols);
%merge decoded column matrices into one
%mask the merged matrix to original image to simulate conversion(working)
%show image and save(working)
The image "Picturetest.jpg" is a 1080p photo from the internet
for compression, i am using a function made by Luigi rosa from file exchange
Currently my code is having problems on the channel part. When i run the code, this error message pops up:
Error using IntegerRSEncoder/step
The input data type must
not be Boolean.
Error in comm.RSEncoder/stepImpl (line 341)
y = step(obj.cIntRSEnc, x);
i would like to ask if there is any way to resolve this issue?
Matt Alvarez
Matt Alvarez on 3 Jul 2022
is it possible to convert the image into a format that can be used in the channel part?

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Jul 2022
Edited: Walter Roberson on 3 Jul 2022
im2bw returns logical data
encodedData = step(enc, IMAGEBIN(:,[1]));
That kind of encoder does not accept logical by default. When you construct the encoder set BitInput to true

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