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Do I convert the units?

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Daniel Moulin
Daniel Moulin am 4 Feb. 2015
Geschlossen: MATLAB Answer Bot am 20 Aug. 2021
Hi all, I have rather simple question, but I'm not sure about the answer. If I simulate plant with a PID controller in simulink and variables have certain units (let say units are meters and seconds), do I have to convert those units if I'm working on a physical plant, that has different units (milimeters and minutes). Do the parameters of PID change?
Thanks in advance.

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Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson am 4 Feb. 2015
Bearbeitet: Rick Rosson am 4 Feb. 2015
I think Kp will remain unchanged, but Ki and Kd will both need to scale to account for the change in the time units.

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