Is there a way to modify the path for ".." ( shortcut ) ?

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Whenever I download repositories from my team from other departments they have scripts which are runned from a path which contain ".." and I do not know how to change on my MATLAB workstation the parent path for it. For example:
On their workstation this code works but on my workstation it says that:
"there is no ..\03_config\config.m not found."
and I know that the ".." is the parent directory from the project. My question is:
"How can I change the default parent directory so that ".." can work on my workstation too?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jun 2022
The effect of this is that when you start MATLAB, MATLAB would automatically cd() to that directory.
I do not generally recommend this, except for the case where you have moved your hierarchy of MATLAB files to an unusual location.
Darius Vesa
Darius Vesa on 30 Jun 2022
Actually I am stupid. ".." is like "cd.." in MS-DOS.... I was in the wrong folder all the time. I am not supposed to be in the parent directory of the project when I run the main script. I am supposed to be in the folder directory where the main script is running (main.m).
So when I am in the folder directory of the main.m file the following link:
says go back with one folder from where the main.m file is and there should be the folder 03_config which you access. Thank you guys.
And if you have more subfolders in the folder in which is the main.m script "." - means the current location....

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