Can Matlab record an audio with a sampling frequency of 800 hz

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I am trying to write code to recieve waves of frequency between the range of 2200hz and 2400 hz with a sampling frequency of 800 hz. but i am not able to use the audio recorder code for such a low sampling frequency. can someone help me out.
thanks in advance.
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Jonas on 28 Jun 2022
this doesn't make sense to me, if you receive data in range up to 2400 Hz a sampling with 800Hz will lead to massive aliasing. shouldn't ypu use at least 2*2400Hz?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jun 2022
audiorecorder cannot be used for this purpose. Although the frequency range supported is operating system and hardware specific, audiorecorder has a built-in lower limit of 1000 hz.
You will need to use some kind of data acquisition device, such as by National Instruments or MCC, or you will need to connect the input to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino and have it record. It might be difficult to get the devices to sample for a full 1/800 seconds, as opposed to shorter samples repeated 800 times per second. The technical details of how the device decides what value to use when the input is higher frequency may turn out to be important.
Are you certain that this is what you want to do? Most people would just sample at a higher rate supported by the hardware and then downsample. But as you appear to be wanting to study the effects of aliasing, you will want to know a fair bit about how the low-rate hardware is operating.

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