How to get an image from webcam in simulimk?

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Dekel Mashiach
Dekel Mashiach am 24 Jun. 2022
Beantwortet: Pravarthana P am 27 Jun. 2022
I use usb webcam and I need to get snapshot, someone know how can I do it in simulink?
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Eamon Gekakis
Eamon Gekakis am 24 Jun. 2022
This needs a bit more clarification, do you want simulink to actuate a usb webcam snapshot and then display in simulink? Or do you just need to display a snapshot image in simulink. For the latter, you can try displaying the image in an annotation, let me know if this helps.
Dekel Mashiach
Dekel Mashiach am 24 Jun. 2022
Bearbeitet: Dekel Mashiach am 24 Jun. 2022
I designed an algorithm that needs to get a image matrix in order to work. I want to turn on a camera in real time and after a few seconds take a snapshot and put it into the Matlab function.. I try with the block "from video deveice" and I don't know what to do now..

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P am 27 Jun. 2022
Hi Dekel Mashiah,
I understand that you are trying to capture images from a webcam and use that in a MATLAB function. You can try the two possible steps:
  • Use can capture the images through webcam directly to MATLAB using the Webcam Image Acquisition using the function snapshot. For the same you can refer the following documentations:
Hope the above provided information helps you!!

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