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How do i publish lanelines data as visualisation marker array message for RVIZ?

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I have a ROS bag file with detected lanelines in image frame.The goal of my model is to convert these image points into World points. The output is the Ego left and Ego right lane in world coordinates.Now i want to publish this data as a ROS message and visualize the lanes in RVIZ.The type of the message has to be 'visualisation marker array' as that is the type accepted in RVIZ.
Problem is i canno feed this data to the bus assignment block as i keep getting the error :'The Bus Assignment block 'ImageToWorld_21_6/Bus Assignment1' could not replace signal 'Markers.Points', because this signal is inside an array of buses 'Markers''
I understand that Bus assignment blocks cannot write data in an array inside array of buses. So i have tried many things already (one such example in picture) but nothing works. Is there a simple way of doing this that i am missing? Please help.

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Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla am 24 Jun. 2022
Hi Amrita,
Please take a look at the following example which explains how to access variable size arrays, nested messages in Simulink.
Jagadeesh K


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