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How to fix this error? Index exceeds the number of array elements (9). I already search and I still couldn't find the solution.

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This is our coding. When we run, the error said that the index exceeds the number of array elements.
%==========INPUT ODE==========
function dydx=MixedPlate_ode(x,y,K,M,R,Pr,Sc,lambda,gamma,Du,Sr)
global K M R Pr Sc lambda gamma Du Sr
This is the error.
Index exceeds the number of array elements (9).

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Ruchika P Barman
Ruchika P Barman am 8 Jul. 2022
It is my understanding that you are getting an error because you are trying to extract more than the number of elements present in the array. You are calling y(10) in the function but there is no tenth element present in y.


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