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How to use "contains" statement to detect a string without ambiguity?

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Hi to everyone,
I have a table with some data (attached file table.mat ). In the second column named " Sol_inters " I have three types of data (strings):
A & B
I want to filter the original table in order to create three filtered tables (tab_A, tab_B, tab_AB) in which their second column contains respectively "A", "B" and "A & B". So, for each table I want to mantain only rows that satisfy the condition on second column.
I 'm trying to use the "contains" statement but it fails with cases "Sol_filtered_A " and "Sol_filtered_B" becasue it maintans always also the case "A & B".
Here is my code:
% Import general solution
Sol_data = readtable('All_database_solution_test.csv','VariableNamingRule','preserve');
% Filter solutions: select if the solution occurs in point A, B or both
Sol_A = contains(Sol_data.Sol_inters,'A','IgnoreCase',false);
Sol_B = contains(Sol_data.Sol_inters,'A','IgnoreCase',false);
Sol_AB = contains(Sol_data.Sol_inters,'A & B','IgnoreCase',false);
Sol_filtered_A = Sol_data(Sol_A,:);
Sol_filtered_AB = Sol_data(Sol_AB,:);
Can you help me to solve this issue?

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Stephen23 am 22 Jun. 2022
Bearbeitet: Stephen23 am 22 Jun. 2022
"Can you help me to solve this issue?"
CONTAINS() check if the pattern occurs anywhere inside the string, but this could be a substring. So if you want match only the entire string then you need to use the correct tool: MATCHES() or STRCMPI()
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Giuseppe am 22 Jun. 2022
Bearbeitet: Giuseppe am 22 Jun. 2022
Hi @Stephen23, can you show me an example by using the code in my question?
Can you also tell me what is the difference bewteen two tools you mentioned?
Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 22 Jun. 2022
The documentation pages for the matches and strcmpi functions each contain multiple examples showing what each function does.
If you had to use contains (as a requirement of a homework assignment, for instance) remember that contains returns a logical value, one that you can use with the & (and), | (or), and ~ (not) operators.
true & false % false
ans = logical
true & ~false % true
ans = logical

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