How to import external c types with namespaces?

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I try to import external c header files to my simulink model.
I am using the function ImportExternalCTypes() (Matlab2021b) to import the header file.
Call of the function:
Simulink.importExternalCTypes('test.h', 'Language', 'C++', 'Overwrite', 'on', 'DataDictionary', 'Types.sldd')
Content of the header file test.h:
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <stdexcept>
namespace System {
namespace Command {
enum Type {
enum class Subystem {
The enumeration within the namespace will be ignored.
Only the enumeration Subystem will be added to the Data Dictionary.
Is there a wag that Matlab recognizes the Enumeration within the namespace?
I get an auto generated header file with the namespaces. All Enumerations are defined within namespaces in the original header file.

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Nitanshu on 28 Jun 2022
Hi Tobias,
You can take help from this Matlab documentation.
Hope it helps!
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Tobias Pape
Tobias Pape on 4 Jul 2022
Hi Nitanshu,
thank you for your answer. I already read the documentation.
The documentation does not explain why namespaces will be ignored.

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