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Properly Disconnect from ROS2 Network with Generated Code

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The Matlab ROS2 publish/subscribe documentation suggests using clear to remove the sample nodes, publishers and subscribers from the ROS 2 network. See "Disconnect From ROS 2 Network" at the bottom of the page on the link. clear isn't supported for code generation but I need to deploy to complied code running on a remote machine. How should this be done for generated code so that my nodes and publishers don't still appear on the ROS2 network after my program completes?

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Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla am 22 Jun. 2022
Hi Michael,
Yes, the clear is not supported in MATLAB codegeneration. The clear is used for Simulation purposes only.
For the deployed node, you do not need to do anything to remove the nodes from ROS2 network. When you kill the node, you should not see any publishers and nodes in the network.
Jagadeesh K

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