it says error using assert, assertion failed and error in iuntitled (line 10) assert(ischar(in))

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error using assert
Assertion failed
Error in iuntitled (line 10)
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes am 17 Jun. 2022
@Ian - as per the function comment, Encode a single character i. I suspect that you are passing something else i.e. a numeric value like
>> encodeCharacter(42)
Error using encodeCharacter (line 8)
Assertion failed.
Try doing
>> encodeCharacter('4')
ans =
or any other character. Note that you can only pass in one character. If you pass in 2 or more, then a different assert will fire.

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre am 17 Jun. 2022
That is what an assert does. If the assertion fails (here that means that in is not a char), then an error is thrown and the message 'Assertion failed.' is thrown.
% Assertion is true -> no error
in = '5';
% Assertion is false -> error
in = 5;
Error using assert
Assertion failed.


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